Online Dating Tips

Online dating has become a common and totally legitimate way of meeting new people and finding new partners and the number of people using dating sites and talking to potential partners is growing and growing! Below are a few helpful tips to help you be more successful at online dating!

Online sex dating tips

Tip No. 1 - Upload a Profile Photo!

The biggest tip that we can give you is have some pictures uploaded, even if they do not show your face or your head is edited out. People who have pictures on there profile get an improved reply and contact rate of over 300%!

Tip No. 2 - Don't be too dirty...

When it comes to putting your pictures up the less dirty the shot generally the more replies that you will get. A lot of swingers want to have the personal parts of their bodies on display. This is fine but you should try to have a few less intimate shots as well.

Tip No. 3 - Keep it simple...

Take time to write your profile in a way that is easy to understand and for best results contains the following:

A few sentences about you and your partner (if you have registered as a couple)
- A description of what you are like
- Your level of swinging experience
- What you are looking for in swinging partners
- What someone should have to offer you
- What you like and dislike
- The times that are generally best for you to meet
- Anything else that will make you appealing to people.
- Here is an example of a good profile:

watchme508 (GEORGIA) Hi we are a fun couple looking for bi females for girl on girl fun partner would love to watch or be pampered by us .i am a 24 year old female with a sexy older partner

horny31 (KANSAS) I m a sexy bi fem long blond hair big breast size 14 to 16 hubby straight and we love to play im the one in pink!

Tip No. 4 - Check your spelling and grammar...

Profile spelling - it is important that you check the spelling and grammar on your profile, you can even ask other members to check it for you when you are in the chat room. If it looks like that you have taken no effort at all and it has been quickly thrown together then you will struggle to meet genuine people.

Tip No. 5 - Pay attention...

Your messages to other members - take the time to read the person's profile that you are contacting. Let them know this by making reference to points raised in there profile. E.g. "We are both in our thirties as well and consider ourselves a professional couple. We note that you are looking to meet on Friday nights and we live near you and can accommodate" etc...

Tip No. 6 - Honesty is the best policy...

Whenever you contact a member or are contacted by a member be honest, never lie about yourself and describe yourself accurately in your profile, pictures and correspondence. If you are a fifty stone two headed monster then people will not mind as long as they know that from the start! If you get chatting to someone and you describe yourself falsely then when you meet you will not get the required outcome. Honesty really is the best policy.

Tip No. 7 - Take an interest...

Take an interest in other people as well. Don't just keep asking for sex, you will find that people enjoy talking about themselves and will warm to you far better if you break the ice a little first in a polite non sexual fashion.

Tip No. 8 - Don't be a show off...

Remember that "I am great and want to shag five stunning birds at once" might not get you the reply that you want. However interesting topics asking for feedback from members generally goes down very well.

Tip No. 9 - The newbies...

A good way to get quick replies to your messages is to contact the newest members on the site. You will almost certainly get a reply to an message if you are the first person to read their profile and send them an e-mail while they are initially on the site. You can find the newest members on the site listed on the right hand side of the home page at all times listed by couples single females and single males.

Tip No. 10 - Its party time!

Why not attend or list a party specifying who you would like to meet. Generally this is a proven and tested approach to meeting like minded people in your area. You can even mail people telling them to have a look at it. Once again it is a nice introduction to get to know them.


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