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Use our support and FAQ section below to help you with any problems you are having with the website. If you do not find the answer to your question you can also use our support form at the bottom of the page.

Messages & Winks

Sending Messages & Winks
To send a message or a wink to a member simply click on their name or their profile photo and their profile will pop up in a window. Type your message in the message box and click send or choose a wink to send and click send.

To send a message or a wink you will need credits in your account. A wink and a message costs 1 credit each. If you do not have credit in your account go to the Add Credit section.
Your Inbox contains all the messages you have received from other members. New messages will appear in bold.

To read your messages click on 'Read' or you can delete a message from your Inbox by clicking on 'Delete'. Deleted messages will move to your Deleted Messages folder.
Sent Messages
All messages you send to other members will appear in your Sent Messages folder.
Deleted Messages
All deleted messages will appear in your 'Deleted Messages' folder. Messages deletd from this folder will be deleted forever.
Winks sent to you from other members will appear in this folder.

Winks do not contain any message - they are just images sent from another member.
Email Settings
This link will take you to the My Account page. Here you will be able to enable or disable email notifications. If email notifications are enabled you will receive an email everytime you receive a new message from a member.

My Profile

Changing / Updating your Profile
Your profile is the information other members see about you. To update your profile simply change the details using the drop-down menus and click on 'Update / Save My Profile'. Your new information will then be saved.

To upload a Profile Photo click on 'Click here to manage your photos'.
Adding a profile photo and managing your photo gallery
Member's with Profile Photos are 90% more likely to receive a message from another member.

To upload your photo click on 'Click here to upload a photo of yourself' in the My Profile page.

My Account

Change login details
You cannot change your username or alias but you can change your registered email address and your password. To change click on 'edit' and enter your new details.
Enable / disable email notifications
If email notifications is 'On' you will receive an email notification everytime you receive a new message. If you do not want to receive emails change your notifications to 'Off'.
Adult Filter (hiding/showing adult profile photos)
If the Adult Filter is 'On' only SFW (Safe for work) photos will be displayed. Any photos considered to be Adult will be blocked. To show adult photos simply switch the Adult Filter to 'Off'.
Current Credit
Current Credit shows how many credits you have on your account. Credit is required to send messages and winks. If your credit is low use the 'Add Credit' option to add credit to your account.

Any purchases are one-off purchases and you will NOT be automatically rebilled.
Bonus Countdown
The bonus counter starts at 50. Everytime you send a message the counter will decrease by one. Once your countdown is at zero you will be entitled to 10 CREDITS for FREE!

My Hotlist

The hotlist is all the people you have added to your hotlist. The hotlist allows you to access your friends on the website faster and easier. Once a member is on your hotlist you can easily view their profile and send a message.

You can remove some from your hotlist by clicking on 'Remove from Hostlist'.
Hotlist Spy
The Hotlist Spy displays all the members who have added you to their hotlist.


Quick Search
Quick Search is available from the side-bar on the right and from within the Search page. With the Quick Search you can quickly find members in your state.

Simply choose the sex, age range of the member you want to find, what they are looking for and which state they are in and click 'Search Now'.

To perform a more detailed search use the 'Advanced Search' facility.
Saved Searches
When you perform a search you can save that search so you can easily perform it again another time. All saved searches will appear in the 'Saved Searches' tab within the Search page. To run the search agin click on 'Run'.

To save a search click on 'Save Search' which appears on the top right of the page after performing a search. Give the search a Name and click 'Save'.
Name Search
The Name Search can be found within the Search page. To find someone type their name into the box. The system will try and guess the name of the person you are looking for while you type it.

To start the search click on the name that appears on the list.

Add Credits

What are credits?
In order to send messages and winks you need to have credits in your account. 1 message or 1 winks required one credit. You do not need credit to receive winks or messages.

You can purchase credit using your debit or credit card. Purchases are one-off purchases and you will NOT be rebilled automatically.

There is no subscription and no monthly fees.
How do I buy credits
To purchase credits simply click on the 'Add Credits' link on the top navigation. You will then have 2 options to purchase credit. Both options allow credit or debit card purchases - but should your card be declined on one option try the other option.

Once you choose an option you will then be shown 4 purchase options - 5 credits, 10 credits, 25 credits and 50 credits. The more credits you buy the bigger discount you will receive.

After choosing the amount of credits you want to purchase you will then be taken to a secure form where you will be asked to enter your card information. Fill in your details and click submit.

It may take a few seconds for your transaction to be processed. Once it has completed you will be taken back to the website and you credit will be added.

You will not be charged again until you purchase credit again.

Problems logging in and Cookies

What are cookies and why do I need to enable them?
In order to use the website correctly you must have cookies ENABLED.

If you keep getting kicked out of the member's area or have problems loggin in then it sounds like you have your cookies settings my be disabled or not set up correctly.

Changing login details

How do I change my login details?
You cannot change your username or alias but you can change your registered email address and your password.

To change your email address or password go to the My Account section amd click on 'edit' and enter your new details.
I have forgotten my login details?
On the front page and login page there is a link below the login box: 'forgotten password'. You will be asked to enter your registered email address. Your login details will then be emailed to you.

If you still have problems you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Change my profile info

Changing / Updating your Profile
Your profile is the information other members see about you. To update your profile simply go to My Profile and change the details using the drop-down menus and click on 'Update / Save My Profile'. Your new information will then be saved.

Spammers & Scammers

What are scammers and spammers
Almost all dating websites suffer from scammers and spammers infiltrating their system and sending fake messages to members. We make every effort to prevent spammers from using our website but while we try and detect and remove any spammers who still manage to join, there will always be some who manage to go undetected and send bogus messages.

If you suspect a member of being a spammer or a scammer please report them to us and we will investigate them immediately.

We take spammers and scammers on our website very seriously and anyone found to be sending scamming messages to our members will be removed and banned.
How do I know if I am talking to a spammer or scammer?
1. Scammers will try and get you to visit their website or contact them on MSN with the intention of taking money from you.

2. The scammers username will be an email address.

3. Scammers messages will be short, and may include a website address.

4. A scammers profile photo may have an email address or website address on it.

5. A scammer may ask you to send some money for various reasons. You should treat any such requests as highly suspicious. If you get asked to send money it is more than likely that the person is a scammer. Do not send them money.
What should I do if I suspect a member of being a spammer or a scammer?
1. Do not send that person money.

2. Do not give any personal details, including contact details.

3. Do not contact them outside our website or click on any links they send.

4. Report the member immediately using the 'Report Member' facility or using the help for or by emailing

Photo Gallery & uploading photos

My Photo Gallery
You can upload photos and manage your gallery in the My Photo Gallery section. In this section you can upload your profile photo, set photos to 'Private', add comments to your photos and delete photos.
How do I upload a photo?
1. Have your photo ready on your computer (it must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format).

2. Click on My Photo Gallery.

3. Click on 'Click here to add photos to your gallery.

4. Click 'Browse' on the photo uploader and locate the photo you want to upload.

5. You can choose multiple photos to upload.

6. You can crop or rotate your photo(s) before uploading.

7. When you have chosen the photo(s) you want to upload click 'Upload'.

8. You will see a progress bar while your photo(s) are uploading.

9. Once your photo(s) have been uploading you will be taken back to My Photo Gallery.
How do I crop my photo?
When you chose a photo to upload it will appear in the 'Preview' box. Simply drag your mouse over the photo to mark the section you want to keep and then click on the crop icon.
I cannot see the photo photo uploader
You need the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player installed. You can download it for free at:
What are Private & Public Photos?
Public photos are photos that can be seen by all members who view your profile. Private photos can only be seen when you send them (attached to a message) to other members.

All photos are Public by default. To make a photo Private simply click on 'Make this photo Private'.

Support Form

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