ifuwantmecum4me, looking for a hookup in West suffield, CT

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Last month Ive met up with two guys from here, and I have really enjoyed both experiences. So I would like to do it again. I am a very sexually-liberated and open-minded woman. I am seeking a similar-minded man. What I dont want is someone who looks down on women who are sexually liberated. I want you to be a nice person with a good heart and to be able to have a good laugh with. I am a fan of movies and Ive got loads of DVDs, so if you are you can come over and watch one with me. A bit about me: I am fiery red head that doesnt take an sh*t If you re interested in meeting me for some no strings fun, please get in touch. x
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ifuwantmecum4me is white, 24 years old and lives in West suffield, CT.

She is single and is 5 foot 4 inches tall with red hair and brown eyes and an ample figure.