kinkygirl22, 22 years old from Nekoosa, Wisconsin, USA

Hi there- Figured I would give this a shot, because I am having a hard time finding a datable man....its more that I dont need to be with someone that I might be stronger than. I am quite young only 22, brunette but very out going personality. I am excellent in the kitchen and love cooking for others! Enough about what I to what you could/should be: I am really interested in men who are big (not fat, I am thinking more tall- over 6 foot- little extra meat on the bones- no problem) who can look out for me. I love to feel safe, and I am fairly short (5 foot), so I like to be with someone who I know can protect, not fit in my jeans. I need some man to keep me warm at night! Sometimes i think the computer takes up most of my life haha. but so many of my friends are on to talk to i dont mind hehe. well anything else you wanna know dont be afraid to ask me.

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